Metal Gear Solid V Trailer Reveals Easter Egg Available Only in the Japanese Version

Via Dualshockers:

At times concepts and nuances that are difficult to express in English are lost in the translation of games, and this is the case with an Easter egg in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, showcased in a trailer released today.

If you have the Japanese version, and you select four or more “gold” elements between vehicles, weapons, buddies and Snake’s skin, he’ll speak in Kansai-ben, the dialect spoken in the Japanese region of Kansai (including Osaka, the second largest city in the country).

Kansai is well known for its great food, the attitude of its inhabitants, which is generally friendlier compared to the rest of Japan, and for the dialect, that drives people from Tokyo crazy.

Of course, this Easter Egg is limited to the Japanese language, but you can see how it sounds below.