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MGSV 3d Character Model Big Boss Battle Dress by Ji Ruan

[thb_title title=”Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Big Boss Dress”]

Another piece from Ji Ruan, now showing his work on the Big Boss Battle Dress used in MGSV.

“I had great honor to create this heavy armor suit for big boss (well, he was the big boss as well).

Based on the brilliant concept from Yoji Shinkawa.

The head and the prosthetic arm were both made by our lead character Matsui Hironobu.

Weapon was done by Seko Tatsuya from the mechanic team.

Because the game has to run across mult-platform as an open-world game, with extreme requirement on frame rate, the budget of this character is low on both poly-count and texture size.

But with the advanced FOX engine, the final result turns out to be very good.”






SOURCE: Artstation

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