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MGSV:TPP 1:1 Scale Bionic Arm coming to the US

For those of you jealous of those lucky enough to pick up a Japanese Premium Package of MGSV:TPP with the full 1:1 scale bionic arm, be jealous no more. Company Nsurgo announced on Twitter that it will be bringing the arm to US shores but for a heafty price tag of $185 and is now accepting pre orders for the item. Orders will ship in May. Details below:


The Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Bionic Arm 1/1 scale version is now available for Pre Order. Originally a Japan only release we are able to offer this to North America. The bionic arm has amazing points of articulation from the wrist to the fingers and a true collectors piece.

We are currenly offering Pre Order pricing until the release!

We are currently taking pre orders and expected shipping is in May 2016.

SOURCE: nsurgo Tw

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