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MB/FOB & EVENTS FOB [Bound Dragons] event details

The Third round of Event FOB missions is back again! Use the Event Points you earn from infiltrating the enemy base to get fantastic rewards. You needn’t fear retaliation – in Event FOB missions, the defending force will not come and infiltrate your base in turn.

Relax and infiltrate to your heart’s content!


Event Point rewards
  • – Weapon『E-RB WH GEN.(Wormhole Generator)』[★ 9] Blueprint (Exchange available from Jan. 19, 2016, end of maintenance time)
  • – [S++ Staff] (can be received up to 1 times by exchanging Event Points)
  • – [S+ Staff] (can be received up to 10 times by exchanging Event Points)
  • – [S Staff] (can be received up to 10 times by exchanging Event Points
  • – Event Points can also be exchanged for other great rewards.
  • * Access the Event Points exchange via [FOB MISSIONS] > [Events] > [Event Points Exchange].
  • * Event Points are only valid during the event period in which they were earned.
  • * Event Points are not carried over to the next event. Be aware that any Event Points earned during this event will be lost when the event period ends.
  • * Attempting to exchange Event Points for these rewards when the maximum exchange limit has already been reached will cause the message “A network error has occurred” to be displayed.
  • * Event FOB missions can only be accessed once you have played past Episode 31 in the main game.
Event period
Jan. 12, 2016, end of maintenance time to Jan. 26, 2016, 5AM (GMT)

SOURCE: Konami MGSV Official Site

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