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Metal Gear Solid Ⅴ Original Soundtrack Selection released

The official soundtrack for Metal Gear Solid Ⅴ: The Phantom Pain has been released on itunes for the price of $15.99. This soundtrack has 46 tracks in total.

*Take note the physical 2 disk soundtrack which can be purchased on sites like CDJapan and Amazon have more tracks included. The full listing is below for that.

Disc: 1

  1. The Man Who Sold the World
  2. V Has Come to
  3. You Can Call Me Ishmael
  4. A Burning Escape
  5. Afghanistan’S a Big Place
  6. Unforgiving Sands
  7. Kept You Waiting Huh?
  8. Parasites
  9. Allegiance Defined
  10. Exfiltrate the Hotzone
  11. I Am Skull Face
  12. Hals’S Child Unchained
  13. Introduction to Africa
  14. Encounter on the Plains
  15. A Factory of Death
  16. The Code Talker
  17. Metallic Archaea
  18. Okb Zero
  19. Angering Mantis
  20. Sahelanthropus Dominion
  21. Return
  22. Sins of the Father


Disc: 2

  1. Quiet’S Theme
  2. Here’S to You
  3. Not Your Kind of People
  4. Nuclear
  5. Ground Zeroes
  6. Camp Omega
  7. Withered Peace
  8. The Girl’S Gone
  9. Bloodstained Anthem
  10. She’S Rigged
  11. The Fall of Mother Base
  12. Drop Off
  13. Beautiful Mirage-An Unexpected Visitor
  14. On the Trail
  15. Steel Embers
  16. Infected
  17. Battling Armor
  18. Shining Lights, Even in Death
  19. Fortress
  20. Disarmament
  21. Swift Judgement
  22. Darkness Roars
  23. Beautiful Mirage-The Vision Fades
  24. Objective Complete
  25. African Battlecry
  26. Metal Gear Online
  27. A Phantom Pain
  28. Various Jingles


SOURCE: itunes

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