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The Phantom Pain

Kojima on stage today announce that both Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain will be coming to Steam with a steam cardboard box in game. No dates or Press Release has been dished out yet to media but stay tuned.











Kojima Productions finally gave fans a glimpse of the demo of The Phantom Pain that’s been shown at the Konami booth for event goers in LA for E3. Today’s episode of Kojima Station was still broadcasted as normal from Kojima Productions in Tokyo with Ken of Kojima Productions calling in via Skype to share the new footage. Snakes updated CQC moves and Fulton gone wild is shown as well as the Afghanistan environment. Check out the footage below.

Now that numerous news media outlets have had chance to view the demo played in real time, here is what we know from the impressions thus far: pic_z_011 Lucy O’Brien & Marty Sliva from IGN:

  • The demo itself had a very brief cut scene then immediately opened up to a “gorgeous open world” which reminded them a lot of Red Dead Redemption.
  • It starts out with Snake on Horseback in Afghanistan.
  • The music would change when getting close to a near by enemy.
  • The overall goal was to find intel on who kidnapped Kaz.
  • The demo was played mostly non-lethally.
  • The Fulton Recovery System from Peace Walker has Returned.
  • You can Fulton Vehicles, animals, enemies and more.
  • You can chopper back to mother base and see everything you Fulton’d either present or roaming around.
  • The base building aspect of the demo is very similar to the one in Peace Walker.
  • The game felt very fluid.
  • The ever notorious wall knock can now be done no matter where Snake is and now is simply done with his prosthetic arm, essentially Arm Knocking.
  • The Cardboard box is back giving snake the ability to either use it as a decoy to ambush enemies or take them by surprise. It’s truly now the “all purpose box”.
  • Snake now has the Code name “Venom”
  • The system markers are back just like in Peace Walker.
  • Not only will the system markers help you with supplies and airstrikes, you can now call on your team to scope out ares and pin point enemies that you may not be able to see in your position.

10265636_733689993336869_874520291057255114_o Eric Frederiksen & Joey Davidson TechnoBuffalo:

  • The dynamic weather system will helps make the world a bit more convincing. In the demo, a sandstorm rolled in, providing cover but limiting the options available to the player.
  • In the demo, the driver set way points in order to perch up high and watch an area he needed to infiltrate.
  • Snake took out the e-cigar to pass time. Snake then popped into a base and move about the space in a unique way.
  • What is really interesting about the open world set up of Phantom Pain. It truly looks like a stealth game that will let players explore it however they like. It’s cold, brutal and hard to move about thanks to the constantly vigilant guards, but it’s stealth at all times.
  • The world and mechanics all look extremely solid and well polished, but the sense of humor and randomness is part of what makes the Metal Gear recipe work so well.
  • The big reveal for the demo, though, was that Mother Base is now a place, not just a menu to manipulate. As you gather resources and build your army, you’ll build up the mid-ocean oil rig sort of thing that Mother Base stands on. It’s bit unclear how detailed the customization is, but the presenter emphasized that the customization is deep enough that knowing your way around your base matters when it gets attacked and that it’s detailed enough that you’ll want to show the resultant base off to your friends.

pic_z_019_f3dr5q Peter Brown from GameSpot:

  • The demo started the same way the trailer did from E3 2013. Ocelot and Snake ride on horseback into a sandstorm in the middle of Afghanistan with the aim of infiltrating a Soviet-controlled base to rescue their comrade, Kazuhira Miller. This scene takes place relatively soon after Snake awakes from his nine-year coma following the events in Ground Zeroes
  • At one point, Ocelot hands Snake a canteen of water, but he struggles to grasp it; Snake is learning how to use his new prosthetic arm, but clearly hasn’t gotten the hang of it yet.
  • After Ocelot hands Snake Miller’s sunglasses, control was handed over to the producer who was running the demo. The camera rotated behind Snake, and then, his horse defecates. The producer clarified: “Your horse will defecate. That’s a feature.”
  • Depending on the weather conditions and your surroundings, there’s the chance that the recovery won’t go as planned. You’re given an indication of the success rate in the form of a percentage, which is typically around 80% in good weather.
  • A minute after attempting to recover a person, animal, or thing, you receive an indication as to whether your package was safely delivered back to base. If the recovery was successful, you earn GMP, which you can use to build up Mother Base and order airdrops in order to acquire new items and weapons in the field.
  • During the demo, Snake called in a cardboard box, a mainstay of Metal Gear games. You still use the box to sneak around, but you have a couple of new options when it comes to dealing with enemy forces while in disguise. Snake can temporarily pop out of the top of a box in order to encounter enemies, rather than shed the box altogether. He can also pop out of the side of the box and sneak away, leaving it as a decoy for a curious soldier.
  • You can use the iDroid to keep track of different patrol patterns.
  • Snake winds up in a room with a document related to Miller’s location. Rather than steal it, he scans it with his iDroid device, forwarding it back to Ocelot at Mother Base for analysis.
  • The bottom line is: in The Phantom Pain, Snake and Mother Base are intertwined, and one cannot survive without the other. The extent of this complex relationship relies on the player’s willingness to participate, but given the ease at which you can build up your resources in the name of protecting your back, it doesn’t seem like this will be too great of a distraction from the main game.

pic_z_009 Yamilia Avendano from Twinfinite:

  • Snake can either Tranq, stun, knockout, or kill his enemies.
  • You base can be attacked so you will want to build up your defenses and recruit members.
  • You can call for supply drops and drop them on enemies heads.
  • Everything costs money but your able to pick up raw diamonds and raw materials which will contribute to your currency.

qgVcldZ  Wesley Yin-Poole from Eurogamer:

  • Mother Base isn’t a safe haven. It’s affected by the dynamic weather system that plays out across the rest of the game (it started raining during our demo), and it can be attacked, too, which is where your UAVs and other defensive artillery you picked up on the battlefield come in.
  • When it’s attacked an alarm will sound, your soldiers head to their battle stations and a chopper comes in to pick up Snake and air lift him into battle.
  • Konami says all the relationships you make – enemies and allies – out on the field come into play at Mother Base and affect its evolution, but it’s a two-way street. An upgraded Mother Base comes in handy when Snake is sneaking around The Phantom Pain’s battlefield.
  • Much like Peace Walker. Snake can also use Mother Base’s R&D department to send weapons and items onto the battlefield via supply drops.
  • The Phantom Pain’s stunning open world is 200 times bigger than Ground Zeroes’, we’re told.
  • The demo was shown in 1080p running in 60fps glory.

My only hope is now that the demo has been opened up to all attendees at E3, Konami will be releasing a video of the entire gameplay demo online like they did for the Ground Zeroes demo played at TGS. Keep it here for more details!

If you’re like us and haven’t been able to stop watching the new E3 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer, you’re in for a treat. Download the trailer in 60fps to your PC and try to keep your jaw off the ground. Click below for a gif we made for you to see how smooth it really is.

WARNING Large Gif file

Click here to download the E3 2014 MGSV:TPP Trailer in 60FPS.

From IGN:

Marty Sliva (@McBiggitty)

The demo shown to us at E3 featured a very brief cinematic introducing Snake’s mission to infiltrate an Afghan village and obtain information regarding the imprisonment of Master Miller, and from there it was pure open-world gameplay.

Phantom Pain is an immediately stunning game. The scope of the mountainous landscape littered with canyons, livestock, villages, and creeks is staggering. Riding your horse across the plains brought shades of Red Dead Redemption, even down to the way the music would swell as you neared a dangerous area.

The first big surprise of the demo was the ability for Venom Snake (evidently that’s what he’s called now?) to use Peace Walker’s infinitely rad Fulton System to transport stunned enemies back to Mother Base and recruit them as your own personal Diamond Dog army. But humans are just the tip of this iceberg – everything from crates, to vehicles, to sheep can be skyhook-ed out of the world and brought back to your Big Shell-esque base of operations.


What’s even better is that you can chopper your way back to your fully-customizable Mother Base at any point in the game and wander around your creation. Seeing the spoils of my actions wandering about your base brought to mind shades of Skies of Arcadia and Suikoden, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Troops were practicing at shooting ranges, Snake could spare with his men to raise their levels, and we even spotted a young Revolver Ocelot gazing off longingly into the sunset.

Thanks to his prosthetic arm, you can attract guards by knocking wherever you are in the world, no wall needed.

Back on solid ground in Afghanistan, I was really impressed by the emphasis placed on approaching encounters in a non-lethal manner. If you want to build up your base, you can’t be John Rambo. Luckily Snake has a load of new tricks to help complete his mission without getting blood on his hand(s). Thanks to his prosthetic arm, you can attract guards by knocking wherever you are in the world, no wall needed. An active weather system brought a blinding sandstorm through the valley, and while it definitely obstructed the player’s vision, it also allowed Snake to move about under the cover of sand.

At one point in the demo, the Kojima Productions representative leading it accidental called the game Peace Walker. It was the best kind of Freudian slip imaginable.


source: IGN