Teaser: iDROID TYPE TGS ver.

Guess who got their hands on an iDROID straight from this years Tokyo Game Show?! *two thumbs* this guy! More pictures to come with a proper unboxing later today.

TGS: Quiet But Not Silent. Now with English dub.

Konami delivers the English dubbed version of the “Quiet But Not Silent” trailer from TGS this past week. Hearing more of Kiefer playing the Boss, is he growing on people?…

3 Day Metal Gear Series Story Marathon STARTS NOW!

Its that time again everyone. Another monster marathon brought to you via our Twitch partners at the Outer Heaven Network Drk29 & Uknightmare! This 3 Day, full Metal Gear series story…

MGSV coming to LittleBigPlanet

What appears to be Ground Zeroes Snake and tank vehicle are making an appearance in LittleBigPlanet teased by PlayStation Europe . I remember buying the DLC for the MGS4 levels and…

TGS: MGSV:TPP Special Mission Full Video

Big thanks for MGS.be for the footage. I will be updating this post with a proper breakdown and details soon, but until then Enjoy. source: MGS.be