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    This bit of info comes via Japanese gaming blog translated by the awesome guys at the MGS Subreddit, new FOB features coming in the December update are interesting to say the least. Custom Gun Camera placements, Wormhole Gun, Raiden Suit, Challenge Missions/Tasks, Skull fights on Motherbase?! What?!

    MGSV:TPP December Update partially revealed!
    Free placements of Gun Cameras and land mines in FOB, Raiden and SKULLS debut, MGO host migration and more!

    On yesterday’s “PHANTOM PAIN MGO & FOB Update Special!” broadcast on Famitsu’s Nico Nico channel, part of the December update for METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN has been revealed. Here we will introduce the announced changes.

    Free placements of Gun Cameras (Surveillance Cameras) & Land Mines
    Featuring a special mode for placements of cameras and land mines, which seems to be included in addition to standard placements up to the player’s choice. You can also check the placements for a set period of time.


    Debut of Player Character Raiden
    Can use wormholes for warping, and appears to be using special weapons. It is unclear what conditions need to be met to use him.

    What rifle is that?!?!

    Security Team (?) SKULLS Debut
    SKULLS units have appeared on the FOB Platforms. Conditions for doing this are yet unclear.


    Other FOB-related updates include: “Challenge Tasks” are added with rewards for completing them, friend connectivity enhanced to allow friend supporters including infiltration.



    Host Migration
    According to designers’ notes revealed yesterday, host migration has become possible. In the event that the host leaves an ongoing game, one player in the room will be selected to become the next host and the match will reset. All players with exception of the host will gain EXP from the match.

    Select Match Condition Expansions
    Walker Gears ON/OFF, Weather, Room Names are conditions that can be used for filtering rooms in search.

    Though this summarizes all the announcements made, this is only part of all of the updates to be rolled out on December. Seems like quite an amount of adjustments and new features are being prepared!

    Its highly unlikely that Konami Japan had this planned but more likely caved into console players complaints about the PC side having the ability to mod Quiet back in game after her departure in game. In the latest patch if you replay “Cloaked in Silence” mission 7 times Quiet will be reactivated for use in game. Screenshots for proof below via MGS subreddit:

    1 - wATbw1Q 2 - CUqdzeM 3 - 4hGZvKF 4 - xhrTan0 5 - Qm7Mp5R 6 - I43AQFW

    Via the Official MGSV website:

    New look for the PF Rating screen! PF Rating-related event also coming soon!

    This update features changes to the user interface of the PF Rating screen, such as revised displays of the factors contributing to your PF’s overall strength. With this better understanding of your PF’s status, you’ll have all the necessary intel to get the most out of FOB missions, etc. And once the updated UI is in place, look forward to a PF Rating Event scheduled for November 2015!

    Added information: Force durability, nuclear weapons owned, and more!
    Added information: Force durability, nuclear weapons owned, and more!
    Rating boundaries are now easier to understand too!
    Rating boundaries are now easier to understand too!

    Get ready for a new level of gear ? Grade 8! “Online Development” also added!

    The update also features new weapons and items to help turn missions in your favor. Following on from the addition of the current highest development grade (Grade 7), you will now be able to develop Grade 8 equipment as well. What’s more, these will be treated as online development items, so their development will continue even while you are away from your game system or PC. You can even use MB Coins to shorten the development time. See the following for a look at some of the new equipment.

    AM MRS-4R[★7]
    A Grade 7 5.56mm assault rifle. The suppressor durability is higher than ever, making this a great choice for infiltration missions. Also uses a drum magazine for a massive jump in ammunition capacity. Swift and silent, or guns blazing? With this versatile weapon, you can master the situation no matter your tactics. Can also be equipped to your security guards to give your FOB defenses some added punch.

    WU S.PISTOL CB[★8]
    A Grade 8 tranquilizer handgun. This upgraded weapon’s most unique characteristic is its underbarrel construction – in weapon customization, it can be equipped as an under-mounted addition to a range of other weapons! Try combining it with your choice of assault rifle or other equipment, for even greater variation in your arsenal.

    This Grade 8 automatic shotgun boasts upgraded stopping power and a high-capacity magazine to ensure this is the gift that keeps on giving. Since it also has added option slots, it is even more customizable than its predecessors, and since it can be equipped to your security guards, it will no doubt be a formidable addition to your FOB defenses.

    Protect your FOBs from invasion! New security devices added!

    There’s never a chance to relax when your FOBs could come under attack at any time, but now, some of the best ever security devices are here to put your mind at ease. All of the newly-added security devices are online development items, so their development will continue even while you are away from your game system or PC. You can even use MB Coins to shorten the development time.

    Gun cameras vigilantly watch for intruders
    Gun cameras vigilantly watch for intruders
    The gun camera on the security devices development screen
    The gun camera on the security devices development screen

    “Anti-Reflex Research” added as a Medical Team unit function!

    The unit function “Anti-Reflex Research” is newly added to the Medical Team. The higher your Medical Team’s level gets, the shorter an invader’s Reflex Mode time will be.



    “Stealth Mode” will now have an effect in FOB infiltrations! Go unseen by enemy searches!

    While infiltrating a rival’s FOB, using Stealth Mode (pressing the Action Button while prone) will cause your Predicted FOM (field of movement) to disappear from the defending player’s iDroid, and the defending Intel Team will also be unable to search out your general location.

    Press the Action Button while prone to enable "Stealth Mode."
    Press the Action Button while prone to enable “Stealth Mode.”
    Stealth mode hides your predicted FOM (red circle) from the defender.



    The long-awaited FOB 3 is finally unlocked!

    You can now give your PF a huge boost by constructing a third FOB. With the resulting major increases in max. staff capacity, you can look forward to unit functions being upgraded across the board.


    For all newcomers to the game: Rookie and beginner functions expanded!

    From now on, it will be easier for players to obtain the “Chicken Hat” and “Lil’ Chick Hat” (awarded to those who repeatedly fail a mission).

    For those having trouble with a difficult mission, or players who don’t have the knack for action games, these items will be a significant help.

    Also, a “Rookie Assist Function” is added to Espionage Ratings (the results of FOB Missions).

    This function prevents rookie players from losing Espionage Points when they fail at FOB invasions or defenses.

    Other update details

    Other small refinements have been made to various elements of the game, including balance adjustments and bug fixes.

    ・ The top rankings for PF Rating and Espionage Rating will now be displayed.
    ・ Whereas until now only resources in your offline inventory could be sold, from now on your online inventory can also be sold.
    ・ The issue with certain DLC uniform equipment not having its advertised effect is now fixed.
    ・ In-game notifications of events and other news have been improved.

    Via Eurogamer and Kotaku:

    Konami has closed its LA studio, sources close to the matter have confirmed to Eurogamer, with over 20 jobs lost in the process.

    Rumours of the closure emerged last night via a number of tweets from developers, including 3D Realms co-founder George Broussard.

    Sony Computer Entertainment of American producer Sam Thompson had this to say:

    Metal Gear Online launched on 6th October, and has since received a significant update and patch. Eurogamer understands that work on Metal Gear Online was transferred to Konami’s Japanese studio shortly before the release of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, with the Los Angeles studio providing support. In the studio’s last days it saw numerous departures, with the staff that remained brainstorming new ideas – some of which were Metal Gear related. Staff were notified of the studio’s closure yesterday.

    Our thought’s and sympathy’s go out to all who lost jobs. With that said this isn’t all that surprising considering the mess that MGO seemed to have been since the very start. Rumors of MGO’s problems were clearly evident even so far back as E3 when MGO didn’t even bother to make an appearance with Konami LA studio doing as much damage control as possible knowing things were bad. We had heard rumors that the Japanese side of things were very displeased with the work the people at the LA studio were doing and had to jump in and help just to get it released even with a month delay. Considering Kojima Productions Japan did the pc port side of MGSV, one can only hope MGO will actually see its PC release, but at this point I wouldn’t put it pass them to cancel it but until we get confirmation from Konami on whether or not they are still on target for release I will assume they are still. If indeed what we think happened with MGO up to release is true, the layoffs do not come off as a surprise but still unfortunate for those involved.

    Soon after Metal Gear Solid V’s release, data miners found a secret scene which was assumed only to be triggered when all nukes were eradicated for that system. Well the guesses were sort of right but it really is much much more impossible than that. Details come via @Crimsondramon, @JunkerHQNet and Metal Gear Informer:

    Today, Famitsu’s complete MGSV guide was released, and inside details this secret:

    Picture by @Crimsondramon

    The requirements that have be met are the following:

    From @JunkerHQnet

    How to trigger the ‘Nuclear Abolition’ Event

    This event can occur multiple times, provided all the requirements are met.

    1. Complete Mission 31, Sahelanthropus
    2. Don’t have any nukes in your possession or in development.
    3. A certain requirement needs to be met on your game version’s server (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Steam). They’re keeping this a secret.
    4. After requirement 3 has been met, all nukes on your game version’s server (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Steam) need to be decommissioned, bringing the total number down to 0.
    5. Complete a main mission or return to Mother Base.

    So… basically this will most likely never happen, but for those who want to see the scene anyways, view the video below:

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    According to a source speaking with the New Yorker said on Friday, October 9th, Hideo Kojima left the Tokyo offices of Konami, the video-game company where he had worked since 1986, for the last time. The departure ceremony, according to one of the hundred or so guests who attended, and who asked that I not use his name, took place at Kojima Productions, the director’s in-house studio, and was “a rather cheerful but also emotional goodbye.” He said that he did not see Konami’s president, Hideki Hayakawa, or its C.E.O., Sadaaki Kaneyoshi, at the party, but some of Kojima’s colleagues from other studios showed up to pay their respects, as did many of the people who worked on his most recent directorial project, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

    The New Yorker also stated that Kojima has a non-compete clause that expires in December (which we’d heard previously). The specifics of this aren’t clear, but it likely means he’ll have to wait until then before being able to sign on with another company. We have first heard his contract was due up in December but it looks like that was just the non compete.

    Sad day for Kojima fans and a sad day in Konami’s history indeed.

    Huge image and info dump on the Sentinel Metal Gear Sahelanthropus figure. Enjoy all of the details and images below.

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    ka_koto_20150905_002 ka_koto_20150905_003 ka_koto_20150905_004 ka_koto_20150905_005 ka_koto_20150905_006 ka_koto_20150905_007 ka_koto_20150905_008 ka_koto_20150905_009 ka_koto_20150905_010 ka_koto_20150905_011 ka_koto_20150905_012 ka_koto_20150905_013 ka_koto_20150905_014 ka_koto_20150905_016 ka_koto_20150905_017 ka_koto_20150905_018 ka_koto_20150905_019 ka_koto_20150905_020 ka_koto_20150905_021 ka_koto_20150905_022 ka_koto_20150905_024


    Price: 38,000 yen (excluding tax) ($317 USD / €284)
    Material: ABS, PA, POM, die-cast
    Accessories: shield, Akiaru blade effect parts (2)
    Shoulder side armor left / right (RIOBOT original)
    Stand, test button battery (LR41 2 pieces)
    Top height: about 280mm
    Sale: will be released April 2016
    Design: Motoki Hiroyuki (T-REX)
    Coloring: Yoji Hayakawa (Sen-chineri)

    Source: Ameblo, Sentinel. MG Informer,

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    Well this is depressing…

    According to a pair of reports from French site Gameblog and others like Eurogamer and GameSpot say, Konami has ceased all triple-A console game production on everything but Pro Evolution Soccer and there are currently no plans for a big new Metal Gear game, while worldwide technology director Julien Merceron has left the company.


    Julien Merceron, worldwide technology director at Konami leaving the company is unsettling as is but a complete cease? This honestly doesnt make complete sense since Konami was already working on building a new team for future Metal Gear games. So for now until we get more confirmed and further details take all of this with a grain of salt.

    It also doesn’t help when you read tweets like this

    Here is hoping for the best though :(