Kojima confirms David Hayter not in MGS5. Fans left stunned.

Geoff Keighley recent said on Twitter:

— Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) March 28, 2013


The reactions on twitter and facebook have been of stunned and disappointed fans. Geoff says Kojima explains why in his interview to be released later this week so until then we will keep hold to our judgments.

What stuns us the most though is that according to David, he wasn’t contacted at all whether or not he would reprise his role as the voice of Solid Snake.


Quite the surprise for many. Stay tuned.

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  1. What I want to know is, did they asked Akio Ōtsuka to be the voice of Big Boss in japanese version of the game.

  2. Disappointing as this is, why a petition? This is a creative decision. Get over. For some ISSUES, most really, a petition is sensible. This is a nonissue. It is a creative decision. And by creating a petition, you are stating (and you are stating it, whether you intend to on not), that you think the game should be made by a committee. Moreover, you are stating, by sharing the link, even if you didn’t start the thing, that you believe YOU deserve or are entitled to control over another person’s creative endeavor. You do not. Nor does any person who wants to petition against the decision. It is sad to see Hayter go, but it in no way affects your life. By the game or don’t buy the game. But first, cut the annoying, entitled crap.

  3. Hate Big Boss as a playable character anyway.
    Metal Gear was good while it lasted, I guess it’s time is up.

  4. Rob LeVan

    If David Hayter is not Snake. What is the point of playing MGS? For me (and I understand I am in the minority here thats ok) there is none.

  5. Yall are acting like a bunch of god damn babies. The game was just announced, and with it few info, and yall are already declaring this is the end of an epic franchise? Grow the hell up!

  6. Lt_dan

    Why would anyone think this will make the game bad? Kojima has continually shown that he makes amazing games, I am sure this won’t be an exception. The original games continually get incredible reviews. One decision will not break the game. It’s not like this has never happened in a game before.

  7. Massacred

    David Hayter was so dedicated to bringing the authentic MGS experience to the Twin Snakes that he gave up half of his paycheck so they could pay for the original cast. How are you going to turn you back on this guy?

  8. Massacred

    David Hayter was so dedicated to bringing the authentic MGS experience to the Twin Snakes that he gave up half of his paycheck so they could pay for the original cast. How are you going to turn you back on this guy? ?

  9. Lilothe

    For me personally, David Hayter created the character, he breathed life into the character. Worldwide his is one of the most recognizable voice in the entire industry. Not buying the game is a way of protesting this absurdity.

  10. Minueted

    Without Hayter, I am not sure I can handle playing the game. Snake is defined by David Hayter. Same as Sam Fisher is defined by Michael Ironside, or Nathan Drake is defined by Nolan North.

  11. frackingly

    Only one thing to do now, take to twitter my friends. Lets start a PETITION. Email Konami, Kojima and the Metal Gear Team. THIS IS NOT COOL. How would you feel if Steve Downes was no longer Master Cheif

  12. SolidusHayter

    Heads up, please give this to the owners of this website, tell them to publish it. #HayterisSnake


  13. Ziggy

    Is this a joke article? because we are still a few days away from April fools. If this is, its not very funny. . .

  14. Ziggy

    I will most certianaly protest this.

  15. […] Amidst all this good news, however, is one downer. David Hayter, who has voiced Big Boss and Solid Snake in past games, will not voice Snake in MGS5. Hayter confirmed this on Twitter, as did Kojima in an interview with Gametrailers’ Geoff Keighley, which is set to go online in the coming days. More details are available at fansite MGN. […]

  16. Philanthropy

    For the erlier poster, this isn’t me or anybody feeling this company’s creative decisions should be by committee or that I feel my preference should be = or > theirs. This is me voicing my opinion, and showing them our collective interest in david hayter playing the role. I have his back, and any fan should aswell. If they’re interested in earning decent sales on this side of the pond and “revitalizing the japanese markket”, they should take this “15k+ signatures in less than a month” petition seriously. The link was above, change.com, sign it.

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