New findings found in The Phantom Pain trailer

New findings found in The Phantom Pain trailer

Our Affiliate has been up to some very good investigative work and have brought some new details into focus from the trailer.

Sheen reports:

While many elements bind Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain , others differ. First, what seems most obvious are the flags, one American, the other British. This detail, Hideo Kojima (and Joakim Mogren) wishes (n) the does not escape us. These two flags are clearly highlighted in the two trailers.

The building which held the trailer Phantom Pain was not found in the database of Ground Zeroes .Firstly because at the entrance of the cages Ground Zeroes , a panel is displayed in Spanish, and it seems that Cuba map is represented on the board of Camp Omega , the name of the base of Ground Zeroes .

Everything indicates that the events of The Phantom Pain takes place in a British Base. Besides the flag, the G above the bar indicates “ground floor” , which is how to say ground floor in the United Kingdom ( first floor in the U.S.). As Ground Zeroes , a map is aptly highlighted. And it looks great piece of land in Cyprus (thank you shika ) , where there are British military bases (still disputed).

We could have two totally different places and far apart. Remember, a few weeks ago, when the projection of Ground Zeroes , Hideo Kojima revealed: “You can use the helicopter to fly between different tasks and different countries” . Another element that indicates that we are in British territory is the socket that can be seen when the two characters are hiding under a bed. This is a typical outlet in England. But the other element probably the most obvious is the wheel of the car in the scene of the accident at the beginning of the trailer for The Phantom Pain . The location of the steering wheel is on the right, as in English cars.

With the HD trailer posted a few hours ago by Moby Dick Studio , I have seen the vehicle in the accident an ambulance (which explains the presence of drugs in the cockpit). Indeed, when the main character runs out of the building at the end of the trailer, you can see sneak a group of vehicles, on the left, with a red cover, the same as seen in the accident.

Doing research in the archives of the site, I remembered that Hideo Kojima had shared a photo of two vans . And obviously, it is indeed ambulances. At that time, Hideo Kojima spoke of a“prosecution” . Our two mysterious figures would therefore escaped the wheel of an ambulance.This accident would not be the cause of their coming into the building, as suggested in the beginning of the trailer. It follows therefore a chase.

Excellent analyses by our affiliate. Please be sure and visit they are undoubtedly the biggest fans of the Metal Gear Series besides ourselves and if your from Belgium they are the only site to visit. Thank’s to Sheen for that excellent write up.


  • Alex

    I don’t know Neogaf is high up there too. And super fast.

    • cboxa

      Totally agree except you get a ton of crap you have to go through to find any decent theories.