The Phantom Pain revealed at Spike VGA’s, the details, our breakdown, and...

The Phantom Pain revealed at Spike VGA’s, the details, our breakdown, and analyses.

The trailer for The Phantom Pain surprised everyone watching last night when it aired and theories immediately started circulating on message boards and web sites alike as well as the twitter universe was a-buzz. It left more questions than answers obviously, but this is our break down and thoughts on the trailer itself.

The Phantom Pain Trailer [ Updated Trailer now in HD ]

Ok, so now you have seen the trailer. This is what we saw:

Firstly, the Fox Engine is clearly evident in this trailer and is really quit stunning to look at. Let’s look at the main character in this trailer, which obviously resembles Snake. The classic mullet, the bandage on his head almost bandanna like. The over all body movement and size. Remember the sentence from Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes “From FOX, Two Phantoms Were Born”? All signs point to yes. Kojima is trolling us people!

In the opening scene you see a doctor talking to the patient and a nurse, look familiar to anyone?

You see a prosthetic arm reaching into the air with white petals like those of Metal Gear Solid 3

Now during the trailer you see what seem to be familiar Character silhouettes that resemble Volgin, Psycho Mantis and The Sorrow.

We also see a unicorn that is very reminiscent of the horse often shown in the pictures presentation Fox Engine.

The helicopter that makes various appearances in this trailer with the spot light also resembles the one seen in the trailer for Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes.

Lastly the development behind this title is called Moby Dick Studio, supposedly a Swedish studio completely unknown. NEOGAF readers having done a who is on the domain found out that the domain was created Nov. 19 of this year. As well as the CEO of the company “Joakim”, aka Kojima if you rearrange the letters around.

Couple more pieces of evidence would be the JJ Abrams like lens flares used in the trailer like in Ground Zeroes:

The last piece of evidence would be in the title itself:

Here are some NEOGAF finds as well:

The person on the right is Kyle Cooper, a noted title sequences designer who worked on MGS2 & 3.

We will have more as it comes, in. In the meantime keep it here for all the latest.

  • Alex

    Excellent finds there good sir. Who is the bottom right pixelated character that resembles the old doctor? Trying to remember which MSX character that was.

    I didn’t know about Kyle Cooper and the operation tools makes a lot of sense.

    Also, one thing you could point out is Kojima got to meet with JJ Abrams recently in his stay here and tweeted it with the Abrams Logo-Statue. A connection to the obvious lens flare inspiration.

  • Alex

    I would also say the Volgin silhouette resembled the Battle Ready outfit from Peace Walker. At least the legs.

  • Alex

    Quick, reverse the trailer to see anymore hints or revelations. Similar to the Ground Zeroes promotions. The facial scar is on the wrong side!

    Maybe the words reveal something backwards.

  • Alex

    Ignore the 3rd comment lol. I did that with the words and got nothing. Unless its super well hidden. And the scars/eyes is not on the wrong side lol.

    I read somewhere the old guy resembles the Oilex inventor from MG2, so is that him?

    And Kotaku is speculating/wishing that Kojima met Abrams for talking about possibly directing the MGS film. If that was the case I think he would’ve tweeted “meeting with Abrams” rather than “met Abrams” IMO.

    And what is your take on this funny fake Kojima twitter guy? Should we be following him for any hints? The Moby Dick Studio twitter was taken down after like one tweet.