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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Still haven’t played the Rising Demo? Well, you’re in luck, can get the Metal Gear Rising: Revengance demo now on the Japanese PSN store. This is the exact same demo that was also packaged with Zone of the Enders HD Collection as a bonus.

Remember Konami did cancel the release of Metal Gear Rising for the XBOX360 in Japan, so don’t expect a demo for Xbox Live Arcade in Japan. Keep it here for all the latest on Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

*Note Apparently the Demo is region locked, which means it is only playable on non-western PS3s.

Our Affiliate has been up to some very good investigative work and have brought some new details into focus from the trailer.

Sheen reports:

While many elements bind Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain , others differ. First, what seems most obvious are the flags, one American, the other British. This detail, Hideo Kojima (and Joakim Mogren) wishes (n) the does not escape us. These two flags are clearly highlighted in the two trailers.

The trailer for The Phantom Pain surprised everyone watching last night when it aired and theories immediately started circulating on message boards and web sites alike as well as the twitter universe was a-buzz. It left more questions than answers obviously, but this is our break down and thoughts on the trailer itself.